Block #TypeTimeDifficultyMintedTX count
1442956Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244792.76 NEC2
1442955Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125805600 NEC1
1442954Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125734600 NEC1
1442953Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125782600 NEC1
1442952Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125708600 NEC1
1442951Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125615600 NEC1
1442950Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125523600 NEC1
1442949Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125432600 NEC1
1442948Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125343600 NEC1
1442947Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125333600 NEC1
1442946Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125243600 NEC1
1442945Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125167600 NEC1
1442944Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125571600 NEC1
1442943Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.0002446115.77 NEC2
1442942Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.0002445820.06 NEC2
1442941Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244579.87 NEC2
1442940Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244874.89 NEC2
1442939Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.0012512600 NEC1
1442938Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00125033600 NEC1
1442937Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.0012501600 NEC1
1442936Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00124922600 NEC1
1442935Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00124834600 NEC1
1442934Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00124767600 NEC1
1442933Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244719.24 NEC2
1442932Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244737.91 NEC2
1442931Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00124619600 NEC1
1442930Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.00024468.42 NEC2
1442929Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244416.75 NEC2
1442928Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244226.7 NEC2
1442927Proof of Stake3 days 16 hours0.000244326.84 NEC2
1442926Proof of Work3 days 16 hours0.00124668600 NEC1
1442925Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.0002441410.04 NEC2
1442924Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.000244145.54 NEC2
1442923Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.000244323.9 NEC2
1442922Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.001243600 NEC1
1442921Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124227600 NEC1
1442920Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124211600 NEC1
1442919Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.0012412600 NEC1
1442918Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124039600 NEC1
1442917Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124224600 NEC1
1442916Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124938600 NEC1
1442915Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.000244140.74 NEC2
1442914Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.000244966.59 NEC2
1442913Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124656600 NEC1
1442912Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124752600 NEC1
1442911Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124661600 NEC1
1442910Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124571600 NEC1
1442909Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124489600 NEC1
1442908Proof of Work3 days 17 hours0.00124737600 NEC1
1442907Proof of Stake3 days 17 hours0.0002448216.52 NEC2

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